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Welcome Back!

Today I am sharing a time-lapse video of my editing process for the following piece.

- Untitled -
by Tora Anne Thompson
Featuring: Leah Haines





I have a fascination with pretty, odd shaped, or colored anything bottles and jars. You know, the normal stuff. ;) I had this one sitting around and thought it would make a really neat piece.

Leah Haines came in to photograph a previous project and we just couldn't let this beautiful dress go to waste! I had yet to photograph the scene for this idea but that didn't stop us from getting the shot.



Around that time I was elbow deep in a miniature fairy garden concept so I had all of the earth elements laying around the studio. I set up the miniature scene on a little foldable table, placed the bottle where I wanted it and photographed the scene.



I decided to record my editing process and turn it into a time-lapse video for you all to see! Let me know what you think and whether or not you want to see more of these!

(Note: I do not go into detail for every move or layer. This post is meant to simply show the process I took when creating the image.)

I do hope this inspires you to experiment and create your own works of art.

© Tora Anne Thompson

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