About the artist


Over the years, Tora Anne has discovered a way to incorporate her passion for  women's portraiture into her love for fine art and conceptual photography.

Being an artist, she is able to find and pull inspiration from her surroundings and incorporate them into her conceptual imagery.

Her commissioned work offers her clients the chance to be seen, tell a story, and inspire others through imagery.


In 2015 Tora Anne discovered her passion for women's portraiture and has dedicated her career to capturing the beauty and strength of her clients.

Clients range from mothers, career women, grandmothers, professional and novice models, and commercial clients. The importance of giving her clients the chance to be seen and remembered is what drives her forward in this genre.


As an educator, Tora Anne's passionate and straightforward teaching style allows her to share her love and knowledge with others while inspiring even the most experienced photographers. Tora Anne believes that everyone, regardless of skill level or experience has the right to freely learn and share without judgment. Saying, "We all started somewhere!"

2019 Awards and Accolades

2018 Awards and Accolades

2017 Awards and Accolades


  • PhotoPlace Gallery - “Altered Realities” Exhibition.

  • Springfield Regional Art Council - "Through the Looking Glass" Exhibition.

  • Loan Collection of Professional Photographers of America's 2016 International Photographic Competition.


  • Shutter Magazine | Digital Strategies Edition

  • Athena Magazine | Scary Edition

  • From the Nest