Inspired: Creating a Fine Art Piece in Under 25 Minutes. | Fine Art - Springfield, Missouri.

This image was inspired by Kesha's song Rainbow. 

My vision involved a woman standing with her hands in the colors of the rainbow. I didn't want her face to show as I wanted my viewers to view the image and create their own story.

I started with a large piece of paper in my garage but quickly realized that the paint I had purchased was far too runny and inconsistent to achieve my goal. After a brief moment of frustration, I went into my art supplies, grabbed a canvas, paint, a texture medium, and my favorite painting knife and went to town. 10 minutes later I had knocked out a miniature rainbow on an 8x10 canvas.

Jessica was already scheduled to come in for a portrait session so I asked her if she would be up to finishing her session with a shot that would complete this concept. She graciously said yes and we shot this in a matter of a few minutes. I then added her to my painting with the use of photoshop.

I personally find this piece to be incredibly beautiful and it still captivates me when I look at it.

Jessica M. | Conceptual Art
© Tora Anne Thompson

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