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Do you know someone who deserves their own Portrait session?

Nominate your friend, wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, co-worker, or any other female who has made an impact on your life.

It is their time to be seen, celebrated, and remembered.

Who qualifies?

Tora Anne Imagery specializes in tween, teen, and women’s portraiture.

** Clients are never expected to know how to pose and behave in front of the camera. Tora Anne is educated in posing all ages and body types in a way that brings out their absolute best. **



  • All clients are pampered with hair and makeup styling here at the studio before moving into a photoshoot that has been designed specifically for them. ($200 Value)

    • Every Client receives an in-person or online styling consultation.

    • Up to 5 wardrobe changes and looks.

    • Hair and makeup styling is provided here at the studio.

    • You will have a personal reveal session where you can view your finished images in-person.



    • 6 - 7x10 Matted Prints in a Leather Hardcover 11X14 Folio Box.

    • Slideshow

      (This personalized social media friendly slideshow allows you to show off all of your finished portraits from your session.)

    • Blog post featuring you and a few of our favorite images from your session!


* Tora Anne's Home Based Studio in Fair Grove, MO

How is the winner chosen?

  • Each submitted form will be reviewed to ensure all five steps have been completed.

  • Each qualifying form will be assigned a number. At the end of the event, all numbers will be entered into a number generator. The generator will then randomly select a number from the database.

  • The winner will be announced on December 6th!

How can I nominate someone?

Complete all five steps on the form below!

Nominations are CLOSED

A winner will be randomly chosen on December 6th!

WHY should I have portraits of myself?

As a photographer, one of the questions that I hear over and over again is, "What am I going to do with a bunch of pictures of myself?"

My response to this is rather simple.

You would take those portraits and hand them down to your loved ones so they can hold and cherish them for as long as they live. They will get to show their children and grandchildren your smile and the sparkle in your eyes. They will get the chance to put a face to their stories and carry on your legacy for generations.

Now I ask you, "Why wouldn't you want a bunch of portraits of yourself?"


↕ Q&A

Q - What if I do not know how to pose or behave in front of the camera?

A - It is not your job to know how to pose. It is my job to direct you and pose you in ways that are the most flattering to you.

Q - What if I am not photogenic?

A - No one is photogenic. Yes, I said it. Lighting, posing, and those little details such as hair can make or break a portrait. It is my job to make sure you have the best so you look your best.

Q - I am not a shopper and I do not know what will look good on me. Can you help?

A - Yes! I offer Clients the chance to meet in Springfield, MO and be present as they try on clothes.

Q - Is travel, wardrobe, and other expenses included?

A - No. Travel, hotel, wardrobe, and other expenses are the client's responsibility.

Q - Can I cash in this prize?

A - No.

Q - Can I gift my prize to someone I know?

A - Contact Tora Anne for more information.

Q - What if I want more than the 6 images?

A - You are welcome to purchase additional images but you are under no obigation to do so. For our complete prices, CLICK HERE.

Q - Do you offer discounts?

A - No. Not at this time.

Phone: (573) 280-1828