Are you interested in modeling?

join our modeling workshop!

HOW are our workshops DIFFERENT?

  • Every session is structured and customized to each attendee based on their experience and needs.

  • Sessions will cover a range of topics, each one with its own challenges and learning opportunities. Tora Anne will provide guidance and assistance throughout each session while you gain valuable instruction and portfolio worthy images.

  • Attendees will have plenty of one-on-one shooting time with Tora Anne and all special guest photographers.

  • Attendees will also have the opportunity to work with seasoned area models and learn from them first hand.

  • Create a show stopping portfolio with magazine quality images.

  • Tickets to our workshop can be purchased as a whole (6 sessions) or purchased based on individual sessions. Attendees are also given the option to add hair and makeup to their ticket!


These workshops are perfect for anyone interested in furthering their education, venturing into a new market, or simply looking to add to their portfolio.

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** Limited availability. **

Topics covered:

(Workshops are "learn as you go." Topics will vary based on the session and individual.)

  • Safety.
    How to avoid being taken advantage of, the benefits of a contract, working with someone unfamiliar and more.
  • Etiquette.
    Why developing and maintaining a professional repertoire is so important in modeling.
  • Health and Wellness.
    Caring for your hair, skin, nails, and body on a budget,
  • Portfolio Building Essentials.
    Attendees will learn the value of quality vs. quantity and why it is so important when putting together a portfolio.
  • Working with a Creative Team.
    How to work alongside a group of creatives in order to achieve their desired end result.
  • Learn How to Become Comfortable In-Front of the Camera.
    Build self-esteem and confidence and learn how to own your space while in front of the camera.
  • Posture and Posing Essentials.
    In these hands-on session we will cover key elements and examine the differences they make. Knowing how to pose yourself, correct your hands and angles, and use the light to your advantage is key in portraiture.
  • Studio and On-Location Portraiture.
    Headshots, Fashion, Personal Branding (Customized to each attendee.), and more!

Who can attend?

  • Our workshops welcome all ages, sizes, and genders. Everyone deserves the chance to be seen, tell a story, and inspire others through imagery.


  • Attendees are required to sign a model release and a service contract.
  • Attendees must be open to suggestions, constructive criticism, and assistance.
  • Positive attitudes are a must. Tora Anne Imagery is a drama free zone and it is not tolerated.
  • Of the few rules that we have, they must all be followed.




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